Piano Teachers’ Course UK

In 2021-22 I took part in the Piano Teachers’ Course UK, and I’m delighted to say that I graduated with Distinction and have been awarded DipPTC.

I would recommend The Piano Teachers’ Course UK to anyone looking to enhance their piano teaching skills, whether piano teaching is their main career or part of a portfolio career. It is a one-year part-time course based at The Purcell School in Bushey or online. Participants include pianists who are relatively new to teaching as well as those who have been teaching for many years looking to enhance their continuing professional development. I enjoyed learning about the latest in piano pedagogy and receiving feedback on my own teaching. There was also a strong performing component and great advice about resources and repertoire. The tutors were very high calibre and the course was well structured and good value for money. I’m sure I will stay in touch with the tutors and other course participants for years to come. For more information visit https://www.pianoteacherscourse.org/ .