Extracts from my CD Dream Rotation (available from the Shop)

Song Without Words by Cheryl Frances-Hoad

A Little Passacaglia by Rob Keeley

Hopper by Joanna Lee

Dream Rotation Mark 2 by Dave Smith

Evening Lament by Sally Beamish

3 Plain Pieces by Paul Burnell

News and performances

Composing with ABRSM

I’m delighted to be one of six composers selected to take part in a mentoring scheme run by the ABRSM to write educational music. The mentoring programme is designed to …

Piano Teachers’ Course UK

In 2021-22 I took part in the Piano Teachers’ Course UK, and I’m delighted to say that I graduated with Distinction and have been awarded DipPTC. I would recommend The …

Mini Mozart St Albans

From 16 September 2021 onwards I’ll be the regular pianist for Mini Mozart classes in St Albans. Mini Mozart classes introduce babies and toddlers to pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and …